Animals & Nature

At Krumhuk Farm you can open all your senses to first-hand experience of the local flora and fauna. Namibia has long been known as a paradise for ornithologists, and here you have a chance to emulate them.

Along the path behind the reservoir runs the “golden meadow” (15 min. on foot). This game reserve is an important habitat for many of our animal species. Here you will almost always spot something, and from the path you can observe our herds of antelope.

From your guesthouse you will find farm tracks going off in every direction – good for walking. For the athletic guest there are interesting climbing sites – for instance on our own Turtle Mountain. Impulsive hikers can simply strike off through the bush and perhaps set their feet where no human foot has ever walked before.

Krumhuk provides the natural habitat of a wide range of animals. There are large herds of kudu, oryx, springbok and Hartmann’s zebra; also found are duiker, steinbock, while-tailed gnus, guinea fowl, warthogs, hyrax, wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards, jackals etc.