Welcome to our nature paradise

Krumhuk Farm lies 25km to the south of Windhoek, Namibia. Its terrain consists of some 8000 ha of upland savannah in the middle of the Khomas region. Here you can experience numerous wild animals in their natural habitat – oryx, kudu, springbok, Hartmann’s zebra, warthogs, wildcats, abundant bird-life – and those are just the most obvious ones.


Nestling in the pristine savannah of Krumhuk Farm are the three spacious Sarima Guesthouses. Here you have the perfect opportunity to relax, go for walks, and get to know the diverse animal-life of the bush. Krumhuk is also a suitable base from which to explore Windhoek and its surroundings.

There are two things that make Krumhuk Farm stand out as something special in Namibia. One is that it is run on bio-dynamic principles, and the other is that it is home to a multi-cultural community of some 80 people.

The farm has its own stall at the weekly GreenMarket in Klein-Windhoek, and here its products are on sale every Saturday from 8.00 to 12.00. Its Arts and Crafts products can be bought at the farm or at selected tourist outlets in Windhoek.