Hunting at Krumhuk

For a limited number of Namibia-loving hunters we offer the opportunity to follow their sport between February and November. During this time you can hunt kudu, oryx, warthog, springbok, and hartebeest. Your experienced guide is none other than the farmer himself, Ulf-Dieter Voigts. He will guide you along exciting nature trails that wind their way over the farm’s 8500 ha.

Why do we offer hunting?

Because hunting is an integral part of the farm’s management as a whole. The game that naturally occur here multiply steadily over any given year, and left to itself nature cannot regulate this increase. The regulatory role is filled by commercial hunting, which is carefully controlled in order to safeguard each type of pasture, while the game are kept under close observation in a reserve of more than 100.000 ha without fences. All this serves to ensure the sustainability of the whole area. The supply of meat from this activity benefits the whole farm community, including the primary and agricultural schools. Any surplus is processed for sale in the farm’s own slaughterhouse.

Hunting Season

The best time for hunting in our area, and indeed in Namibia generally, is from April to September. Then the weather is usually pleasantly cool, even cold, and the game tend to congregate around the surviving water-holes. The season, however, runs from February to November, which includes months when the weather can either be rainy or very hot.

Duration of your Stay

We recommend a stay of 5-6 days, with days possibly added on for arrival and departure. During your stay the whole group of hunters will have full board and lodging. If you wish to stay on, for instance, to use us as a base for further trips, you would be very welcome to do so in one of our self-catering guesthouses.

Hunting Groups

Groups are welcome. Together with an additional guide from our neighborhood we can take up to four each at a time. Non-hunting companions are also welcome.

Ulf Dieter Voigts
Tel. +264 (0)61 233645