Life at Krumhuk

At Krumhuk we live in a large farm community of about 80 people, consisting of members, employees, trainees, families and children. Community life expresses itself in a whole variety of ways: working and living together, festival celebrations and worship, singing together, eurythmy, and, at the beginning of every week, a morning circle in the farmyard.


The staff members’ children go to the farm kindergarten. It is in what used to be a stable and is run by a volunteer under the guidance of an experienced Waldorf kindergarten teacher. Once the children reach school age they have the possibility of going to Aris, the farm’s school.

Some of the children have the privilege of attending the Waldorf School in Windhoek. Whether they are able to do this depends upon the admissions criteria of the school, parental permission, and finding financial sponsorship, since the fees are beyond the parents’ means. The farm looks after the matter of daily transport. In the afternoons there is a time when the children do their homework, and this is supervised by one of the school’s volunteers. The idea behind this is to provide the parents with insights into their child’s education and thus help to bridge the possible gap between home conditions and school.

All this is unthinkable without the helping hands and financial support of people who are concerned about the future of Africa, and who share the conviction that a decent future can only be founded upon meaningful, holistic education.

Bank details:

Freundeskreis zur Förderung der Farm Krumhuk e. V.
BLZ 430 609 67
Konto-Nr. 200 379 5100
IBAN: DE70 4306  0967 2003 7951 00 

Sponsorships: Corinna Schauenburg
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The Freundeskreis, based in Germany under the leadership of Jürgen Brügmann and Alexander Bohndorf, manages donations and sends out information on Krumhuk’s development in regular newsletters. Donations can either be linked to a specific purpose or given freely for the general use of Krumhuk’s social and agricultural projects. Donations should be sent to the account given above using a donation voucher. The people of Krumhuk thank you for your generosity.

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