Social Projects

KATC – Krumhuk Agricultural Training Centre: practical and theoretical training in farming for young Namibians of 18 and over (agriculture and home economics). In addition to the relevant main subjects, the curriculum includes such artistic activities as choir, drama and eurythmy as aids towards personal development. Every day is structured so as to encourage togetherness – e.g. the morning circle. The agricultural curriculum is based upon organic principles. The courses cover: Namibian farming with its various types of grazing systems, dairy farming, fodder production and horticulture. The home economics curriculum deals with a wide spectrum of subjects, from social responsibility, the care of young children and the elderly to looking after poultry and other animals. Cooking, nutrition, sewing, knitting, batik etc. are also part of the course. All students live in a single hostel, and finish with a diploma after one or two years.

Aris Primary School: Founded at the beginning of the 1980’s by the second generation of farmers at Krumhuk, it is situated opposite the Agricultural Training Centre.

Arts and Crafts: Our lovingly produced accessories, decorative objects and toys are much sought after and provide full-time jobs for two of the farm’s women. They make a wide range of products, which can be bought at outlets in Windhoek and direct from the farm.

Childcare: We drive 19 children (belonging to four different language groups) to and from the Waldorf School in Windhoek every day. Fees, out-of-school activities, homework supervision etc. are all financed by Krumhuk Farm’s children’s fund.

Waldorf Kindergarten: Founded for the benefit of the children of Krumhuk Farm’s staff. At present we have nine children in the care of Corinna Schauenburg and a “Weltwärts” volunteer. >Link Life at Krumhuk